Software Development

Bespoke apps to help enhance your business

OTSYS have been involved in a number of projects.

Below is a sample of some of our work

If you are frustrated with the prospect of having to host your SIP for your DB pension then the Pension Docs service is there to relieve your stress.

The hosted website has to meet all the stringent requirements set out by the Pensions Regulator. For example, the website will be programmed to the most stringent level of access for screen readers for the visually impaired.

The website URL is

Chair’s Statements is a website which can provide hosting solutions for trustees of pension schemes.

Some pension schemes have to publically host their Chair’s Statement and Statement of Investment Principles (SIP).  The hosted website has to meet certain requirements of being available to screen readers for the visually impaired.

The service gives the trustees a central place to host their documents whilst satisfying the Pensions Regulator.

The website URL is

The Tree Trail project lets users identify trees in certain areas.  The user can use their smartphone and retrieve details of the trees in their area.

The tree trail project uses an interactive map and the GPS on your smartphone to display your location and the trees around you.

There are currently 3 actively used tree trails.  They are:

University of Manchester

Marie Louise Gardens tree trail in Didsbury, Manchester

Cherry Hinton Hall tree trail in Cambridge

We were commissioned by an asbestos removal company to write a bespoke app.

During the removal of asbestos, there is a large number of tests and paperwork that has to be collected. The company wanted to remove the paperwork element and make the process more efficient.

The client has been using the app for a number of years.  A number of improvements have been made to the app to help improve their processes.

The iPad app collects a large number of data from various tests along with photos and signatures. The data is used to produce a variety of reports.

The project uses Microsoft Azure as the back end data collector.

An environmental consultancy company asked us to produce an iPad app that would help them collect their data during surveys.

During a survey, the client needed to collect a large set of data involving various samples.  They needed to collect various details including location and an image of the sample.

The app helps the user collect the data which can be collated into various reports.

The app is written for an iPad and uses Microsoft Azure for back end data processing.

For a number of years, OTSYS has been continually developing a Pensions Administration System for a actuarial client.

The system enables the client to administer pension schemes for clients as well as produce actuarial valuations.

One aspect of the system was to make the data available for the members of the pension scheme.  The website which we helped produce was called My Retirement Fund.

Pension scheme members can log on and access their details as well as producing estimated pension figures.